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4 Essential Tools For Managing A Remote Sales Team

But hopefully, they don’t deter you from your remote working goals! Since the pandemic, this setup has become commonplace, and according to Salesforce, just under half (46%) of sales reps state that they want to sell virtually moving forward. A remote working environment is no excuse for not taking the time to guide and train your sales reps to improve their sales strategies and improve their results. Managers need to be aware that training your sales team is crucial for establishing an effective sales strategy. Set up activity-based goals that get your sales team to understand what is required of them throughout every stage of the sales process.

managing a remote sales team

It got much easier to switch between conversations and other types of work, as I was spending my time behind my computer anyway. Booking meetings could be done using a scheduling link, as I didn’t have to carefully calculate traffic and buffer times anymore. Cloud storage offers an efficient solution for this with no overhead for storage maintenance and no hardware maintenance costs. Platforms like Google Drive, Salesforce, OneDrive, and Sharepoint help keep large amounts of data secure and accessible.

With this change – it can difficult to find useful information to define best practices, forge new strategies, uncover tips and craft management plans for your remote sales efforts. With a remote sales team, you can use sales tracking software to see how each employee performs. It is a great way to identify top performers and troubleshoot any problems. Whoosh, for example, offers video calls with advanced analytics on meetings and the performance of attendees. Remote sales teams are just like any other remote team and require a leader that can keep them engaged while they work from home. If the manager is not ensuring that everyone is remaining engaged, it could lead to disastrous results in the future.

With the growth of the company relying upon the revenue brought by your team, salespeople are often judged on a binary basis- meet quota or bust. In a remote team, you can no longer just look across the room, have a quick face-to-face chat, and make them understand the value of unlearning mistakes and relearning concepts. Such planned inter-team interactions can happen through online communication tools like Zoom, Slack or Hangouts. With consumer behavior, products, technology, and competitors changing all the time, salespeople need to constantly learn and upgrade their skills. It allows the manager to review each opportunity and ensure that each deal is progressing towards a close. Just a link to the resource with a few bullet points that outline your thoughts and then prompt your team with a question to start a conversation and create engagement.

After all, 68% of enterprises believe employee productivity has improved since shifting to a remote working environment. So, what does a manager need to do to keep their sales team engaged? Let’s go over what you should do as a manager of a remote sales team. High Performance and Discipline- Productivity is a function of performance and consistency through discipline. Achieve performance through setting smart goals, monitoring the lead-to-deal journey that salespeople guide prospects through, and ensuring the process is repeated consistently through discipline. Invite prospects to join your online presentations, webinars, or meetings, and replicate the experience of delivering a one-on-one proposal presentation.

Productivity Tools

That makes it manageable for your sales team to remain on top of their tasks and for you to track their progress. Modern tools have made it possible for remote sales teams to stay connected and combine forces to sell a product regardless of their travel capability. If you desire to build a killer remote sales team that drives home conversions, you’ve got to count on the tools shared below. As remote sales teams become the new normal, successful sales management will ultimately be all about effective communication. Remote sales team management poses several challenges for businesses.

managing a remote sales team

This can be done in many ways, such as setting up recurring video meetings, establishing a social media group, or organizing team-building events. Perfect for sales calls, conferences with your partners, and training sessions with your sales representatives. It allows you to keep in touch with each member of your team, no matter where they are currently located.

You can also ask your sales reps to CC you on every email, but your mailbox will be flooded and you’ll still miss part of what’s going on. Webinars have been an effective way for people to train their employees. Managers gain the advantage of guiding multiple salespeople all at the same time. There are several tools you could use to perform this task, such as GoToMeeting.

What Makes Zoho Crm The Right Fit For Remote Work?

Whatever makes most sense in your industry or with your type of clients. When your conversation becomes digital and you can’t really look each other in the eyes anymore, you need Managing a Remote Team to find other ways to read your prospects’ body language. Bring up important things you remember from previous conversations more than you would in a face-to-face conversation.

  • Furthermore, scheduling meetings with your remote team grants you the opportunity to handle some of the more critical issues and get together to devise some new sales strategies.
  • Use the information we have provided you with to keep your remote sales team engaged and motivated.
  • We recently completed a project from our offices in Atlanta, Georgia while using Zoho Meeting to have web conferences in Japan.
  • When someone books a first meeting with you, you can automatically create them in your CRM.
  • As a sales manager, a good portion of your time should be dedicated to helping your reps grow and develop.

But managing email can become a bottleneck without the right tools and automation. Establish daily or weekly standups or check-ins to keep team members accountable and in the loop on the team’s activities. A daily standup thread in a tool like Slack allows you to set clear expectations and let team members provide updates on any new information or challenges they face. Keeping remote workflows smooth and efficient means becoming more reliant on digital apps and online automation. They will increase efficiency, boost productivity, and streamline processes so your team can maintain flow and eliminate bottlenecks. Sure, there are challenges, but there are a few reasons why sales managers transition to remote work.

Send A Monthly Recap With Sales Updates, Client Feedback, And Best Practices

That’s one of the reasons why it’s important to be as personable as possible and also a big reason for building daily habits. For the sake of this guide, however, we’ll focus on 100% remote sales. Now, whether you’re consciously choosing remote over field sales, or you have to stay home because of some nasty virus, we’ve compiled a handy guide for you that will make you more successful at it.

managing a remote sales team

Communicate your appreciation to your employees for a job well done. Offer meal vouchers, gift cards, or upload a celebratory GIF in your Slack channel to announce your gratitude. Let’s discuss the top challenges sales leaders and managers face when transitioning to remote working and how to tackle each one. Thank you very much indeed for sharing this important information with us. However, in a remote situation, it’s no longer possible to just walk across the room and talk to product developers or the service team about what you are selling. As a manager, you can facilitate this by designing ways to enable learning that leads to an observable elevation in sales effectiveness.

Tracking activity and making sure the right motions are being put in to hit expected results can raise flags early and allow managers to step in to course-correct. This includes measuring prospecting activity, calls, talk-time ratio, new product mentions, or use of up-to-date messaging. Nothing takes the wind out of a big win like turning back and having no one to high five. Internal chat is naturally geared towards celebrating team accomplishments. Running pipeline meetings effectively means cobbling together information from a lot of different sources AND thinking strategically about what to do next. Deal Intelligence from Gong maps out all available info on an account-by-account basis so your team can fast-forward towards success for each customer.

How To Manage A Remote Sales Team: 4 Tips To Tackling The Challenges

With Gong, you can track adoption of best practices and new initiatives. You can also set alerts to be notified automatically when these phrases get brought up on calls. And if you have any questions, hit me up in the comments or send a message to the team on the chat on our homepage. You can run through the pipeline and make sure it’s all up to date.

managing a remote sales team

This makes sure that your sales people know exactly what is expected of them. Set up automated reminders to add meeting notes after each meeting with a prospect. This is standard in Salesflare, but can also be set up with a bit of Zapier magic. Just connect with your prospects and customers on LinkedIn, Facebook and/or Twitter.

Schedule Team Sales Meetings For The Same Day And Time Every Week

It’s not surprising that more and more businesses are turning to remote sales – there are plenty of good reasons for this trend. Reaching a wider audience, saving on costs, and boosting productivity are just a few of them. When your organization has teams going fully remote, you’ll need to perfect your online team collaboration to stay on top of things. PrimeTime sessions are an ideal way to brainstorm, conduct in-house seminars, hold open houses, and more, when your team is spread out.

A Culture Of High Performance And Discipline

All you need is an internet connection, and with a few clicks, your team will be up and running in no time. Share individual wins on slack, by email, and start every meeting with a round of congrats. And leave no win – however small – unnoticed by the person who’s earned it AND from the rest of the team. To help deliver coaching at scale, Gong can point out areas of improvement for reps based on industry-benchmarks and stats from top-performers on your team. You can always plan a recurring video call around lunch or at some dedicated point of the day, where you can chat about things that are not related to work. Or if daily is too often, you can organize this on a weekly basis as well.

We have gathered the most common questions and the best answers, all summarized for you to read here. This is a great time to touch base with everyone, discuss successes and challenges, and set goals for the future. When you sell remotely, you have the opportunity to build a brand that is unique and differentiated from your competitors.

They can continue running things during a time of crisis as the rest of the employees get shuffled around. While some people might consider remote working a trend, the reality is that remote working is an option that is going to remain around for a long while. Buffer’s most recent State of Remote Work annual report has shown a growing interest in remote working from many companies. As mentioned earlier, employees feeling invisible when remote is death to their sales performance and even their interest in being your employee. Your employees may become robotic in their calls, moving their thought process merely towards deal closures without actively trying to understand and resolve customer pain points for instance. The action that needs to be taken here is to get people to do what they were doing in an office environment- sign in and sign out on your virtual messaging and communication platform.

With a little bit of preparation and the right tools in place, you can set your crew up for success. While sales teams across the world are moving towards increased remote working capabilities, we recognize that managing a sales team remotely is no easy feat. Zoho CRM ensures that remote work won’t cause a dip in your numbers, and that your sales team stays productive wherever they are. Some remote sales managers tighten their grip on their employees when working remotely because they feel they can’t trust them to do the job without day-to-day oversight. This is an easy trap to fall into, but it could lead to low morale and distrust within the organization.

Ensure all of your team members know how to get a hold of each other and can easily access updated information. Create a repository that includes each team member’s contact information, working hours, location, and timezone. When a team member contacts you and you can’t reply right away, send them a quick note that you’ll get to them when you’re available. Then send yourself a reminder with an app like Superhuman to remind you to action the email when you’re ready. Stay in constant contact with the recipient until you’re fully aware of the situation. Brightful’s games transform your meetings into a fun and joyful experience.

Allow your team the autonomy to bring their creative ideas to fruition and prove them. They will feel more accountable to the team and inspired to do a good job. If you have workflow challenges with your team, they likely won’t go away when working remotely — and they might even become more problematic if not addressed. It is important to note that when your salespeople are scattered all over the world, feelings of isolation and loneliness can dampen morale, making work feel like drudgery. The best way to recreate such an informal setting is to organize regular non-work discussions in social communication platforms.

Building a mass email communication strategy in times of changeRead more.. Don’t let distance, transportation, or any other disruptions create a barrier for your work. Sign up for Zoho CRM for free, and enjoy a hassle-free remote work experience. Our clients maintain a healthy pipeline and thanks to Zoho, we are able to work with them from any location. We recently completed a project from our offices in Atlanta, Georgia while using Zoho Meeting to have web conferences in Japan.

Remote Selling

With a project management tool, you can see who is working on what, when deadlines are, and how everyone is progressing. In a traditional 9-to-5 job, employees are often stuck in the office even when they don’t feel most productive. But working online, they can structure their day in a way that works best for them. They can sell to anyone in the world, which gives them a much larger potential customer base.

They have become responsible for communication efforts, time zone differences, mental well-being, and so on. Managers need to ensure they keep their remote sales team engaged and motivated. The global pandemic has forced companies to reevaluate the way they do business. For many of them, this has meant shifting to a remote work model. If you’re in sales, you may wonder how to manage a remote sales team.

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