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Exam Prep SCS-C02: AWS Certified Security Specialty Specialization Whizlabs

Getting organized on what to study and when to take the exam is also another important initial step. When embarking in a new project, my project management technique is to create a Trello board and start recording all the things I need to do to reach my project goals. For the AWS exam I created Trello cards for the resources I wanted to study (i.e. videos, white papers, hands-on labs, etc.) as well as for the practicalities (e.g. booking the exam). Take into account that these tips do not replace diligent use of the recommended security learning path, and are not intended as the only source for your exam preparation. This additional information complements the trainings and documentation, and can help security engineers know where to focus preparation time. As a Specialty-level certification, gaining the AWS Certified Security – Specialty credentials, while challenging, will earn you the recognition to prove that you are a subject matter expert in this field.

  • Take it from me, it really is worth every penny and every second you invest to earn it.
  • 2.1 Design and implement security monitoring and alerting.2.2 Troubleshoot security monitoring and alerting.2.3 Design and implement a logging solution.2.4 Troubleshoot logging solutions.
  • Don’t forget to respond all questions, even if you have absolutely no idea.
  • For the AWS exam I created Trello cards for the resources I wanted to study (i.e. videos, white papers, hands-on labs, etc.) as well as for the practicalities (e.g. booking the exam).

I recently passed the exam for the AWS Security Specialty Certification and I thought I’d share some tips and resources I used to prepare for the exam. It could be a good idea to set yourself some time marks, for example, 20 minutes for every 10 questions, that will give you some time at the end to review the questions you weren’t sure. If you are about to get to your time mark and still have several questions of that 10-question block to evaluate, give quick answers to the remaining questions, mark them for review, and move to the next block. During the exam you will have enough time to carefully read every question and its options.

How to prepare for the certification exam

Some video courses offer hands-on labs to practise what you learn during the course. For example, A Cloud Guru offers hands-on labs as part of their subscription offering and the security course has several labs as video content that you can practise on your own AWS account. One simple way to detect incidents, and to perform a forensic analysis of incidents aws certified security specialist is by reviewing the logs generated by infrastructure and applications. However, processing a large amount of log files could be an exhausting task. That’s why you should know the tools that facilitate logs capture and processing, and the recommended practices to centralize and secure your logs to avoid attackers who may manipulate or delete them.

aws certified security specialist

On the day of your exam make sure you had a good night sleep, a good breakfast, and you are ready to keep your attention focused for 3 hours. Some exam questions could be quite long to read but make sure you read the question and all the answers carefully. But if you use this option, I’d recommend to choose a temporary answer as you may not have enough time (or brain) to revisit it later. I personally prefer to cover most of the study material first and then book the exam few weeks in advance.

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Learners will be provided with Lab Demonstrations based on the topics discussed in the courses that are part of this specialization. They will also have the opportunity to practice labs on their AWS Console for hands-on demonstrations. The AWS Certified Security – Specialty certification allows experienced cloud security professionals to demonstrate and validate their knowledge about how to secure the AWS platform. Based on Global Knowledge’s 2020 IT Skills and Salary Report, the AWS Certified Security – Specialty certification is one of the top 10 most popular cybersecurity certifications of 2020.

aws certified security specialist

Understanding the policy evaluation logic, and all IAM policy elements is a must. Purchase online anytime, and then use a self-service portal to efficiently distribute, track, and manage standard exam vouchers. New York Cloud Apps experts manage the ongoing day to day operations of your infrastructure on AWS to enable you to stay focused on your core business. These experts need to be on call to react to unforeseen interruptions and advise you on how newly released features influence your architecture. NYCA Managed Support for AWS delivers the right combination of certified AWS experts and management tools to help keep your environments secure and stable.

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